Mother Charity, a Big Free Novel

Sequel to #TheBigFree. AVAILABLE NOW TO ORDER!

Martha B. Boone: Mother Charity, a Big Free Novel

Introducing the long-awaited sequel to The Big Free!

As Mother Charity begins, Dr. Elizabeth Roberts is once again facing the handsome cardiac surgeon, Dr. White—her nemesis. Dr. Roberts has completed her first six months as a surgical intern at the great Charity Hospital in New Orleans and is awaiting her next assignment.

She’s smart and hardworking but naïve and insecure. As she journeys through her rotations, Dr. Roberts struggles to break away from family pressures and survive the bone-crushing intensity of trauma surgery at the busiest center in America.

Will she buckle under the stress of being one of the first women in her field? Or will she find her stride and revel in the joy of surgery?

And will she survive Dr. White’s harsh scrutiny or retreat to the comfort of home in the South Carolina Lowcountry?

Get ready for another unforgettable ride!

“The Unfettered Urologist” by Martha B. Boone M.D. dives into the surprising connection between excess body fat, particularly belly fat, and a decrease in male sexual health and performance. The science behind it? Elevated estrogen levels caused by extra weight, which Martha explains effectively, can lead to lower testosterone. This, in turn, impacts muscle tone and, most importantly for me, hinders sexual performance. That revelation was the wake-up call I needed to finally prioritize weight loss.

While the sex-related impact was my personal motivator, the book offers a wealth of valuable information beyond that specific topic. If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on sexual and overall health and a science-backed nudge in the right direction, “The Unfettered Urologist” is definitely worth a read.

As a Louisiana native, I loved reading about Elizabeth’s daily challenges while honing her surgical skills and relationships at Charity Hospital. The setting was accurate and immersive, the characters quirky and colorful, and it had me craving a big shrimp po-boy! Boone’s writing grabbed me from the first page, and I enjoyed the book immensely! I highly recommend. I was provided an early copy of this book, Mother Charity, by the publisher for review.


Brilliant storytelling and raucous humor. Author Dr. Boone’s take on Urology is an unexpected total reading experience. Masterful and uniquely written with insider information. A published work worthy of every woman and man.