New interview with Dr. Martha Boone

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Mary Anne Walser interviews Dr. Martha Boone about her novel The Big Free. It is a coming of age story rich with medical drama, stories of Charity Hospital in New Orleans and the French Quarter. It is a wild romp through the first six months of surgical internship. The protagonist is a naïve Charleston girl who comes to The Big Free to learn surgery. This fun interview includes behind the scenes stories of Dr. Boone’s experiences in New Orleans, the humor and tragedy in inner city hospital work and the joy of meaningful work.

CAPTIVATING! I could not put it down! This is an amazing story of what life is like in a big city charity hospital. And not just ANY big city – NEW ORLEANS. One of the many things I love about this book is the flavor of New Orleans that permeates the pages. The characters are charming, flawed, fun, crazy, every personality under the sun – and the author brings them to life in a way that is mesmerizing. I wanted the book to go on and on – I sure hope that there is a sequel in the works!

What a great book. I laughed I cried I was amazed I was intrigued. My eyes were open to a world I had no knowledge of. Boone brings the characters out and Vivid 3D. You can smell the green paint on the hospital walls. I enjoyed the book so much the first time that I’m reading it a second time and cannot wait for her next book to arrive.

The characters are well developed including The Big Free itself. Everyone in medicine has heard of Charity Hospital. This book may well replace House of God as the quintessential book capturing the experience of medical training in the US! A must read for doctors & a great read for everyone else!