The Unfettered Urologist

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Martha B. Boone: The Unfettered Urologist

Have you ever had a doctor’s visit and left feeling frustrated that there wasn’t enough time to ask all your questions? Have you felt your doctor was hurried and left helpful information unsaid for the sake of brevity? Have you wished your physician had the time to discuss alternative therapies and the details of treatments outside the realm of conventional medicine? Have you wished your doctor had time to answer all the questions from your internet search?

In this book you’ll learn detailed conventional information about common urology problems, and you’ll also learn alternative treatments and benefit from my opinions grounded in many years of experience. You’ll learn the vitally important information that I could never cover in a fifteen minute office visit.

For thirty-five years I saw twenty-five to thirty people every day and often left the examination room knowing there was so much more I wanted to say and feeling inadequate. Time is limited. Medicine is a business. My professional work is governed by many organizations and my scope of practice is limited by my many degrees to the proven science of my field. Other doctors referred to me for state-of-the-art conventional urologic care.  Insurance companies did not pay for my time to talk about my intuition, beliefs, and experiences outside of the world of known science. To paraphrase Andy Rooney this is the rest of the story.

After retiring in 2020, I felt my life’s work as goes urology, incomplete. I was happy that my career had been successful. I believed I’d work with integrity and honesty and cared for every patient as if they were my family member. But, my feelings of an unfinished job nagged at me. Much to my surprise, patients and doctors contacted me every week after I’d retired. They’d find me on social media, write to my home address and find my cell number from times we’d interacted in the past. A pattern developed in the calls. They weren’t getting everything they needed from the wonderful practices to which I’d referred them, despite metro Atlanta’s ability to boast many excellent urologists. There were several urology diseases that I was known for ‘thinking outside the box’ and I decided to write in detail about them.

I realized the patients with these problems and the primary care folks treating them needed this information.

This book is everything I never had the time to say in the confines of the traditional fifteen minute surgical office visit. The calls from patients and referral doctors have continued two years into my retirement and this book answers the needs of combining alternative treatments and conventional medicine in common urologic problems.

There is a shortage of urologists in America. I’m asked every week to cover exhausted urologists all over the country. It takes a decade to make an urologist and so the shortage will persist. Primary care folks are drowning in diabetes, hypertension, heart and lung disease patients. They have little training in urology and are for the most part ill equipped to handle these problems. This book enables the patient and assists the primary care in offering solutions before referral to urology. The information will decrease healthcare costs, empower patients and aid in unclogging an overfull system.

Martha B. Boone PodCasts: What I do not have time to tell you in an office visit


“The Unfettered Urologist” by Martha B. Boone M.D. dives into the surprising connection between excess body fat, particularly belly fat, and a decrease in male sexual health and performance. The science behind it? Elevated estrogen levels caused by extra weight, which Martha explains effectively, can lead to lower testosterone. This, in turn, impacts muscle tone and, most importantly for me, hinders sexual performance. That revelation was the wake-up call I needed to finally prioritize weight loss.

While the sex-related impact was my personal motivator, the book offers a wealth of valuable information beyond that specific topic. If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on sexual and overall health and a science-backed nudge in the right direction, “The Unfettered Urologist” is definitely worth a read.

As a Louisiana native, I loved reading about Elizabeth’s daily challenges while honing her surgical skills and relationships at Charity Hospital. The setting was accurate and immersive, the characters quirky and colorful, and it had me craving a big shrimp po-boy! Boone’s writing grabbed me from the first page, and I enjoyed the book immensely! I highly recommend. I was provided an early copy of this book, Mother Charity, by the publisher for review.


Brilliant storytelling and raucous humor. Author Dr. Boone’s take on Urology is an unexpected total reading experience. Masterful and uniquely written with insider information. A published work worthy of every woman and man.