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Martha B. Boone Biography

Dr. Martha Boone is one of the first one hundred women board certified in urology. After 23 years of education, she practiced academic urology for five years and private practice for twenty-four. She was named TOP DOC in urology in Atlanta for over a decade. Her first novel The Big Free fictionalizes her first six months at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Her current book, The Unfettered Urologist, is nonfiction and explains the pearls of wisdom she never had time to include in a short office visit. It will be available August 15,2023. Her third book, Mother Charity, will be released in March of 2024 and is the sequel to The Big Free.  Dr. Boone retired to write full-time and travel with her husband.


  • 4 years at the College of Charleston as a science major
  • 4 years of Medical School at The Medical University of South Carolina
  • 2 years of General Surgery at Tulane University (at Charity Hospital in New Orleans)
  • 4 years of Urology training at Tulane University Department of Urology
  • 1 year of advanced surgical training fellowship in Reconstruction and Female Urology at University of California-Davis Medical Center
  • 4 years in academic medicine at Ochsner/LSU/ and later The Medical College of Georgia
  • Private practice of Urology for 25 years in Atlanta with 22 years as a solo practitioner
  • Named TOP DOC by my peers in Atlanta every year for a decade

The Unfettered Urologist Media Kit Overview

In The Unfettered Urologist the reader will learn and benefit from the opinions, intuition, common sense, and many years of experience of the author. They will learn what Dr. Boone always wanted to tell her patients but could never pack the information into the fifteen-minute office visit.

Many patients have left a doctor’s office feeling frustrated that there was not enough time for all of their questions. The feeling that the doctor was hurried during the visit and might have omitted helpful information for the sake of brevity is a common notion. Patients want to discuss alternative therapies outside of conventional medicine and need time to discuss the details of their internet search.

The Unfettered Urologist From the Author:

I have given hundreds of talks over the course of 35 years in every topic covered in the book. I’ve spoken locally, nationally, and internationally. I have taken many continuing medical education courses in all of these topics and have counseled thousands on these topics. I’ve done a few podcasts on these topics. I’ve written many monthly newsletters to my patients on these topics.

Readers Will:

  • Understand common urology problems and be able to start treatment at home with confidence in having information from an experienced specialist
  • Get inside information not found in medical texts or medical websites
  • Be able to formulate important questions to facilitate office visits when required
  • Save healthcare dollars for prevention and treatment prior to seeing a doctor
  • Understand the inner workings of the medical profession and thus be able to better utilize the system
  • Enjoy true stories of medical scenarios and learn from real-life cases
  • Learn about healing techniques outside of conventional medicine that have worked in conjunction with traditional medicine
  • In some cases, avoid invasive procedures

The Unfettered Urologist Product Details

  • Paperback: 197 pages
  • Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
  • Genre: Non-Fiction / Medical
  • Published: August 15, 2023
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-63698-072-0

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“The Unfettered Urologist” by Martha B. Boone M.D. dives into the surprising connection between excess body fat, particularly belly fat, and a decrease in male sexual health and performance. The science behind it? Elevated estrogen levels caused by extra weight, which Martha explains effectively, can lead to lower testosterone. This, in turn, impacts muscle tone and, most importantly for me, hinders sexual performance. That revelation was the wake-up call I needed to finally prioritize weight loss.

While the sex-related impact was my personal motivator, the book offers a wealth of valuable information beyond that specific topic. If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on sexual and overall health and a science-backed nudge in the right direction, “The Unfettered Urologist” is definitely worth a read.

As a Louisiana native, I loved reading about Elizabeth’s daily challenges while honing her surgical skills and relationships at Charity Hospital. The setting was accurate and immersive, the characters quirky and colorful, and it had me craving a big shrimp po-boy! Boone’s writing grabbed me from the first page, and I enjoyed the book immensely! I highly recommend. I was provided an early copy of this book, Mother Charity, by the publisher for review.


Brilliant storytelling and raucous humor. Author Dr. Boone’s take on Urology is an unexpected total reading experience. Masterful and uniquely written with insider information. A published work worthy of every woman and man.